it's shedding season!

In the exhibition it's shedding season! I turned the exhibition space into a kind of a shed.
In the title of the exhibition, I play with the double meaning of the word Shed. The first meaning refers to the shed as a place - in this case, a tool shed. The second meaning refers to the English verb "to shed," it means "to lose a covering, such as leaves, hair, or skin" and also includes the molting in the case of the skin of a snake, the fur of animals, or the shedding of a person's clothes.

A calendar publication, which starts in April, with works by myself and 5 artist colleagues can be bought in the exhibition as an invitation for a new beginning.

  • Exhibition at Come Over Chez Malik Hamburg, curated by Elisa Barerra & Elena Maltzew
  • Photos © Fred Dott