to have / to hold

to have / to hold is a duo exhibition in collaboration with Wera Bet. “...A pocket is a kind of container, a piece of material in the form of a pouch sewn into clothing, the wall of a bag or luggage. However, the pocket was originally a male-only affair, and by the end of the seventeenth-century men already had an established tradition of integrated, solidly sewn pockets in their clothing. Men's pockets indicated an orderly attitude toward things. One pocket carried the key to the house, another pocket pocketed a small coin and another for other necessary items. Women's clothing was deprived of these "hiding pockets," and if they appeared they were given a temporary character – a pocket detachable from their clothing, or tied around the waist, and mainly used to store knitting utensils.” (excerpt from the exhibition text by Wera Bet)

  • Exhibition with Wera Bet in DOMIE Poznań, invited by Katarzyna Wojtczak
  • Photos © Tomasz Koszewnik